Free Lighting Survey

Unlike other LED lighting manufacturers, we offer free on-site lighting surveys, free quotes and creative lighting ideas tailored to each and every company we work with.

LED Consultancy, Audits and Lighting Plans

Our onsite surveys will record your operating hours and electricity costs of your existing lighting, leading to a detailed report which will:

  • Tell you exactly how much the current lighting system costs on a annual basis
  • Establish if your present lighting is suitable
  • Inform you if areas are over/under lit
  • Identify opportunities for daylight/presence control systems
  • Establish the best energy saving lighting technology for your needs
  • Identify any issues or specialist equipment needed for the installation of new lighting
  • Provide free quotations (including energy saving & payback calculations) for a new lighting scheme.
  • Apply for the Carbon Trust loans and finance initiatives on your behalf
  • Organize full project management, product supply, installation & commissioning of your new lighting

What we have to offer!

We offer a full consultancy service and employ our own in house, experienced electrical team who have the necessary qualifications.

Most of the equipment we supply is eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowance.

What to Consider when choosing your LED Lighting Company?

When choosing your LED Lighting company, there’s no doubt you want value for money. Superior products which offer durability and energy saving benefits is exactly what we supply to each and every one of our customers here at  RES Lighting.

We develop innovative lighting ideas designed to adequately brighten up work spaces, illuminating specific areas to show off particular products or features of your workspace.

For more information on our creative lighting design ideas, why not call RES Lighting now on (01) 907 3277 or, alternatively, you can email us direct using the contact form.

Why Choose RES Lighting?

RES is an Irish LED Installer

We offer energy reduction solutions with LED lighting and other low carbon technologies.  We offer a full consultancy service which looks at every aspect of your energy usage in order to determine the very best methods of saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

As a LED installer we offer specialist design, supply and installation of LED lighting for commercial, industrial and home. LED lighting is a very efficient modern alternative which has many benefits.

As an LED Supplier we can offer a large range of different designs to suit any style and building.


Converting your business to LED lighting you will benefit from:

  • Up to 80% energy savings

  • 100% instant light output

  • Average operational life span of 60,000 hours, reducing maintenance and re-lamping

  • Low heat generation

  • Cold and vibration resistant

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