Commercial Lighting

We have experience installing commercial LED lighting solutions into shops, offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, gyms, warehouses and other commercial premises.

Bespoke LED Lighting

We provide our customers with bespoke LED lighting solutions that work with their requirements and needs. Custom lighting packages to suit all environments.


LED Lighting for offices

The undoubtedly key benefit of LED lighting is the high savings in energy consumption thanks to their outstanding performance, but LED’s are also becoming popular among offices thanks to their influence in productivity. Lighting is a key element to having a productive and healthy workplace, it affects how we feel and it influences our mood and performance. A poor lighting can lead to fatigue and eye-strain and a good one can improve employees’ performance.

Furthermore, LED lighting is also conquering the office space because it’s one of the easiest ways to having a more sustainable building and meeting your organization’s environmental responsibilities

How much can your office save with LED lighting?

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Office lighting overview

Here are a few standard lighting scenarios in a typical open plan office so you can make your own average numbers of how much you could save by changing your current lighting to an LED model. * Calculations made assuming 5 days/week, 50 weeks/year and electricity price of 0.15KWh

Show your company personality and welcome clients and visits from the first minute

Example for a reception used 10h/day

Typical lightingLED lighting
Fittings25x50W Halogen MR1625x7W LED MR16
Total watts used1250W175W
Annual cost€617€96
Product life2000h25000h
Energy savings0%86%
Savings in 5 years€0€2957


Create a comfortable space that inspires more productive employees

Example for an office used 10h/day

Typical lightingLED lighting
Fittings90x72W Modular90x40W Modular
Total watts used6480W3600W
Annual cost€2856€1587
Product life20000h50000h
Energy savings0%44%
Savings in 5 years€0€6350


Set the mood of any meeting with a flexible lighting that can go from concentration light to a relaxed atmosphere.