Reality Energy Solutions Services

Reality Energy Solutions offer a wide variety of services including full LED Lighting Solutions, Electrical Services, Building Maintenance, Security Services & Mechanical Services.


Our 5 Star Installation service is the complete package, including trustworthy advice, free survey and quote for all of your home lighting solutions. All homes are welcome.

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We have experience installing commercial LED lighting solutions into shops, offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, gyms, warehouses and other commercial premises.

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As LED installation experts we offer specialist design, supply and installation of LED lighting for all industrial sectors. We can offer a large range of designs to suit any needs.

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Free Survey

We will arrange a time to visit your premises and conduct a free lighting survey. You will receive a FREE savings plan detailing your energy and cost savings. Contact us today!

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Additional Services

  • Full building maintenance service
  • Building inspections and Re-Commissioning
  • Fully Registered, Qualified & Insured Electricians
  • All Commercial Electrical Work
  • Intruder Alarms
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire extinguisher service (Certification & maintenance)
  • Emergency Lighting (Certification & maintenance)
  • Painting
  • Carpet & carpet tiles
  • Blinds
  • Full tradesman services
  • Renewable Heating

Security Services

Security is an integral part of any business. You will find all the information below on the services we provide.

Intruder AlarmsIntruder-Alarm

With the present scale of crime on the increase, it is a must to install a highly functional, high quality intruder alarm system, to protect your business and livelihood.

The real purpose of any Intruder System is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your Business is protected from unwanted visitors. Intruder / Burglar alarms are a crucial deterrent to un-wanted visitors. Theft from businesses is not just measured in terms of items taken, but also in the damage, disruption and the emotional effects of a burglary.

Our Engineers will fully explain the functionality of the system to you after installation. Every system is installed to NSAI standards, full certification, is issued on completion. Your Certification should be provided to your insurance company, for insurance discount.

We install wired, wireless and hybrid Intruder alarms and provide notification of alarm activation by; 

1: Monitored service from Gsm, Landline or Radio Link.

2: Text service via GSM.

3: Voice dialler from GSM or Landline.

Innovative technologies are developing all the time, App’s for smart phones to turn on/off and view logs are now a main-stream technology for communication.

We install alarms with video verification, linked to a Smartphone App, providing highly detailed real time evidence that intruders are attempting to gain access to your premises.


Fire-AlarmFire Alarms

We offer a wide range of fire alarm and detection systems, which are designed by professionals, installed, serviced and commissioned by experienced engineers. 

Fire alarm detection enables the earliest warning of a fire within a building. Upon activation, occupants are alerted by sounders and visual strobes. Monitored fire alarms are linked directly to Alarm Response Centres (ARCs), in the event of activation they will immediately contact specified key-holders and relevant emergency services.

PFS200 Infographic

Access-ControlAccess Control

By its nature, the function of an Access Control System, is to allow authorised personnel to gain entry via a door/ gate etc. Unauthorised personnel are refused entry and therefore securing the area.

This is designed to control people Entry/exit to and from buildings. Letting you better manage employee and visitor movements. Reducing risk by restricting access to designated areas, away from sensitive spaces and our integrated system can link to HR systems (IE: Times In/Out of work Etc.)


Larger sites, where management want easy enrollment and voiding of personnel access, audit trials and additional control functionality: we offer systems using PIN Code, Key Fob, Swipe Card or a combination of your choice depending on the level of security required. Examples: Nursing Homes, Multi-Nationals Companies, Factories, Schools, Etc.


A well designed and installed CCTV system can substantially help in the reduction of crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. This is achieved by recording 24/7 via a high quality Digital Video Recorder.

Providing on-site and remote situation awareness and/or business intelligence, CCTV has been transformed from cameras recording to a standalone recorder into being an increasingly vital element of security management.  Tell us what you want to achieve and our consultants will assist you through the design, functionality and technology options available to deliver a cost effective single or multi-site CCTV solution.  All our CCTV Systems allow the user access to view live images, also playback their CCTV Camera footage from anywhere in the world on a Smartphone device or Computer via a broadband internet connection.

We can advise you on exactly the right combination of CCTV video cameras, DVR recording equipment & lighting to observe and protect your property and goods.  Our High definition CCTV Systems connect traditional analogue or IP CCTV cameras directly, capturing high quality images and storing them digitally on hard disk. By using motion detection recording, our surveillance solutions save time and storage space and make finding events quicker and easier. Other features available are Till Monitoring, Licence Plate capture and 24Hr CCTV Remote Monitoring via our Central Station


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